Octoberfest based promotion with BlueClaws

It is time for another silly promotion again.
The Lakewood BlueClaws will have an Octoberfest based promotion on August 31.

A Brooklyn-based polka band will play the music during this night. The first 1,500 fans will receive a BlueClaws stein (beer mug). Furthermore big pretzels will be sold for “only” $4.00. The BlueClaws will organize a “das Boot” Drinking Competition, Yodeling Contest, and Oktoberfest music all night long.

The BlueClaws will have a special Augtobefest Picnic which runs from 6 pm until 8 pm and includes an all you can eat buffet (and a ticket to the game). Picnic food includes Bratwurst, Sauerkraut, Hog Dogs, Hamburgers, Beef Strogonaff, German Potato Salad, Pretzel Bites, Spaetzle Macaroni and cheese and more.

Next to all these festivities in the stands, the Lakewood BlueClaws will wear special Lederhosen-like jerseys that will be auctioned after the game to raise money for one of the charities that is supported by the BlueClaws.

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