Animal right groups are trying to stop Cowboy Monkey Rodeo in MiLB ballparks

A controversial promotion that is offered by several minor league clubs, Cowboy Monkey Rodeo, is target of protests of animal rights groups.

With this promotion, a capuchin monkey is dressed up like a cowboy, tied to a dog and ride around the field. Team Ghost Riders, is the entertainment group that is touring the country with this promotion.
Some see it as harmless entertainment, but animal right groups like PETA have opposed against the promotion, citing its mistreatment of animals. The group has started an email campaign in which they ask people to sign a petition to stop this kind of animal abuse.

“A baseball field is no place for a sensitive capuchin monkey who belongs in the treetops with his or her family—not dressed in a cowboy outfit and strapped to the back of a dog for a cheap laugh,” said PETA primatologist Julia Gallucci in a recent press statement.”

If it is because of this email campaign (which PETA says is the case) is not clear, but the Williamsport Crosscutters have decided to ban this promotion from their ballpark. In 2013, the Lexington Legends also decided to cancel the event before it would take place.

Recently, MiLB Pat O ‘Conner released a statement that said: “Minor League Baseball neither supports nor encourages the practice of using animal acts of any kind, especially animal acts for which the Humane Society has expressed serious concerns, to entertain our great fans. We encourage clubs to ensure that the promotions they host do not endanger the health or safety of any animal, but respect the rights of our teams to make decisions regarding their promotional events at the local level.”

The “fun” part of this statement is that it can be interpreted in different ways.

Despite the email campaign by PETA, there are still clubs that will host the event as scheduled. One of those teams is the Wilmington BlueRocks of the Carolina League. The team will host the event on August 26 +27.

Sure it is not as bad as bull fighting, but when will humans learn that animals have not been created for our own entertainment?

If you also think that this is something that must be stopped, you can sign the petition here.


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