Twins PDC news

The Minnesota Twins and the Rochester RedWings have extended their Player Development Contract with two more years through the 2018 season.

Both clubs are cooperating since 2003 when the Twins took over the affiliation from the Rochester Red WingsBaltimore Orioles.

Accoring to the Twins’ interim General Manager Rob Anthony “It’s been a tremendous partnership that we’ve had with Rochester. The biggest things you look for in an affiliate are A. you want good ownership, Rochester has that, B. you want good facilities, Rochester has that, and C. you want a good fan base and the fans in Rochester have been very supportive of this club. The stability is great and when we landed in Rochester we knew very quickly that this was a relationship that was going to work. And they’re the same type of people we are. When things are working there’s no reason to look elsewhere for something better. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. We have put competitive teams on the field for the club and fans. On their end of it, they’ve been terrific partners and addressed some of the things that we have needed in the way of some improvements that have helped us so that we can develop our players the way we want and need to.”

“The Twins have been an outstanding partner to the Red Wings,” said Red Wings President/CEO/COO Naomi Silver. “With a Major League affiliation, a Minor League club hopes for three important things: a competitive team, having future Major Leaguers and top draft picks being a part of that team, and a Big League team that values the importance of the Minor League system. The Twins have been great to us in each of these areas. They’ve regularly fielded winning teams here and we’ve seen a lot of great players come through Rochester. Every month someone from the Twins top management comes to town to see their players and to consult with field personnel and our front office. They rely on their Minor League system to develop young players, and we are the ones who benefit from that. We consider ourselves lucky that the Minnesota Twins respect and appreciate our organization and want to continue this affiliation.”

Brad Stell, the Twins’ Director of Minor League Operations said: “We are thrilled to continue our long-standing affiliation with the Red Wings. Rochester is home to great baseball fans and we are very appreciative of all the support they have given to our players over the years.We have had a tremendous partnership with the Red Wings front office and we are looking forward to working together for many years to come.”

The RedWings are the only publicly owned team in affiliated baseball. Somehow the club does something right as it had two very long affiliations with the St. Louis Cardinals and the Baltimore Orioles. The RedWings were the Cards’ AAA farm team for 32 years but that string was beaten by the O’s, who cooperated with the team for 42 years.
The team itself is the oldest minor league club. The club started playing in 1899 as the Rochester Bronchos and changed its name several times before it adopted the name RedWings in 1929.



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