Desperate YardGoats owner offering to pay for construction

The Hartford YardGoats released their 2017 schedule. But still their stadium, Dunkin’ Donuts Park is far from finished. After the city of Hartford shut out developers Centerplan and DoNo LLC from the project, the construction is on hold.

The city is working with the insurer Arch on a completion plan. But there is still a lot of
work to be done. The IFG (International Facilities Group) has found more than 180 issues that need to be resolved. For example, family restrooms that do not meet federal laws, water leaking into the park, pooling on the concourse, poor craftsmanship on concrete floors and missing and incomplete stairs to name a few. Some of the issues are very serious, some are rather easy to fix.

But with this much work to be done, the owner of the Hartford YardGoats, John Solomon is getting desperate. With the schedule already made by Minor League Baseball, it is too late to move the team to another (temporary) stadium, so the stadium needs to be finished before the projected opening date of April 13.

“I’m desperate,” team owner Josh Solomon said. “I don’t want the decision to be taken away from me and somebody else decide where we play next season. And I’m afraid that’s where it’s going if we don’t do something. And we’ve tried to wait and be patient, but nothing has come of it.”

With a lot of lawsuits filed, someone needs to step up. So Solomon is offering to lend the money to the city of Hartford to continue with the construction. This move comes out of sheer frustration. And who can blame him? Even though the team played “home” games, those games were all elsewhere, so you can say that the entire 2016 season has been a road trip for the YardGoats. The season ticket holders had a big bust. People who would have a job at Dunkin’ Donuts Park are out of work for the time being.
Solomon has lost a lot of money due to lack of attendance. This whole stadium farce is frustrating for everyone who is involved.


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