Rangers start name-the-team contest for new Carolina League affiliate

Only hours after the announcement that the High Desert Mavericks will cease to exist after the 2016 season, the Texas Rangers launched a new website with a temporary logo of their future Carolina League afflilate in Kinston.


With the patient (the Mavericks) not even deceased, the team started a name-the-team contest immediately. It proves once again that baseball is a cold hard business.

According to Minor League Baseball President and CEO, the decision to contract the Mavericks and the Blaze, was in the best interest of baseball….

The Rangers and the city of Kinston now have a two year deal on the table but the intention is to extend it to twelve years.

The name the team contest was announced on the website as follows:
“There is no better way to usher in a new era of Kinston baseball than by having the residents and future fans help name and brand this team. We need your help to create a brand and a baseball identity that will represent Eastern North Carolina.

The process begins on Monday, August 22 when fans are encouraged to submit their idea for a team name along with an explanation of why that name is significant to Kinston. Fans have until Friday, September 2 to submit their ideas. The top 5 or 6 options will be announced and fans will have an opportunity to vote on their favorite name. One fan who submits an entry will win two 2017 season tickets, an official team jersey, and the opportunity to throw out a first pitch during the 2017 Kinston baseball season.”

If you are interested to enter a name for the new team you can go to this link.  Keep in mind that the contest is only accessible to North Carolina residents.

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