Team Kingdom of the Netherlands unveils roster for France International Baseball Tournament

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor team kingdom of the netherlandsManager Steve Janssen of Team Kingdom of the Netherlands has presented the roster of the team that will participate with the France International Baseball Tournament.
The tournament will be organized for the second time. The first time the tournament was played was in 2014 when the Netherlands won by beating France in the final. It wasn’t easy back then as the Dutch pitching was tormented by René Léveret, the slugger from the French part of the Caribbean island of St. Martin.

The Dutch roster of this year will contain mainly players from the Dutch Hoofdklasse, with one exception: Kalian Sams. Sams returned from Quebec to support his partner as she will give birth to their first kid. Together with Kalian Sams there are two other changes compared to the roster of the team that won the Baseball Week Haarlem in July. Added to the roster are former Washington Nationals player Randolph Oduber and L&D Amsterdam Pirates pitcher Rob Cordemans. The latter will make his comeback after a long stint on the DL. Cordemans pitched his last game for team Kingdom of the Netherlands with the inaugural  Premier 12 tournament in Novemver last year.

The current roster contains the following players:

Pitchers (11): Mike Bolsenbroek (Regensburg Legionäre), Rob Cordemans en Tom de Blok (L&D Amsterdam), Bayron Cornelisse, Kevin Kelly, Diegomar Markwell, Berry van Driel, Loek van Mil en Orlando Yntema (Curaçao Neptunus), Lars Huijer (Vaessen Pioniers) and Tom Stuifbergen (Kinheim)

Catchers (3): Gianison Boekhoudt en Dashenko Ricardo (Curaçao Neptunus) and Sander Paap (Kinheim)

Infielders (5): Dwayne Kemp (Curaçao Neptunus), Dudley Leonora en Kevin Moesquit (Kinheim), Nick Urbanus (L&D Amsterdam) and Yurendell de Caster.

Outfielders (5): Christian Diaz en Randolph Oduber (Curaçao Neptunus), Christopher Garia (Vaessen Pioniers), Gilmer Lampe (L&D Amsterdam) and Kalian Sams (Quebec Capitales)

This tournament, also called the Yoshida Challenge, will be a preparation for the Dutch team for the upcoming European Cup. It is very well possible that some professional players from the Minor Leagues will be added. Players like Gianfranco Wawoe, Misha Harcksen (if the Dodgers will allow him) and Shawn Zarraga to name a few. All will pend on the permission that players get and if they are on the 40-man rosters of their organization. Opponents in this Yoshida Challenge will be France, Germany and a team of International Stars. 

This report was brought to you by Score66 baseball


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