With construction on hold, costs Dunkin’ Donuts Park rise

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor harvard yardGoats
An audit on Dunkin’ Donuts Park has shown that due to the construction being put on hold, the costs of this ballpark keep rising. Due to several delays and the cancellation of the contract with the original constructors Centerplan Cos. and Dono LLC the city has spent $15.7 million more than the original $56 million that the ballpark would cost.

The extra money spent does not include the continuing costs of the shutdown, neither does it include the final costs to finish the ballpark.

It is still unclear how the ballpark should be finished, something that frustrates the owner of the Hartford YardGoats, Josh Solomon, a lot. Solomon has offered to pay for the rest of the contstruction as a loan to the city but the city of Hartford rejected the offer as it stated that the city’s insurer would cover the costs.

In the meantime, the President of the Eastern League, Joe McEachern has had it with the stadium farce in Hartford as well. He has joined the discussion by stating that the construction of the ballpark should be finished or the city of Hartford may risk the permanent loss of a baseball team.
McEachern made a statement in front of the gates of unfinished Dunkin’ Donuts Park: “If the stadium is not done, we will not come to Hartford. The time is now. We have to have immediate action.” McEchern warned that the Eastern League and Minor League Baseball would be working on finding an alternative home for the team in 2017,  a move also mandated by Maj0r League Baseball.

According to the audit, the city of Hartford has $4.4 million left to finish the construction, but the tricky part of it is that that amount does not include the $5 million invoice that AfbeeldingsresultaatCenterplan submitted in May.

For now the construction of the stadium is going nowhere. But it is clear that the patience of the Eastern League and Minor League Baseball is coming to an end and thus the future of the Hartford YardGoats is at stake.


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