New ballpark for San Jose Giants?

With their current ballpark, San Jose Municipal Stadium, turning 75, there is a chance that the San Jose Giants (A Advanced Affiliate of the San Francisco Giants) will get a new ballpark in the near future.
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor San Jose GiantsSanta Clara County is looking for ideas to rejuvenate the local Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. Right now the discussions are in an early stage. Even this early that the county will hear the idea of a new ballpark coming Tuesday. But the stadium plan is only one of a dozen, so it remains to be seen if the county can live with it. Next to the Giants, the interested parties include the Silicon Valley Curling Center, the San Jose Soccer Complex Foundation, Cambrian Go-Carts, a couple of public markets and the Santa Clara Open Space Authority.

During the hearing, no public questions or comments will be allowed. That’s something for the future. With the Oakland Athletics likely opting for Oakland, there may be a ballpark plan in the mix after all.

And let’s be honest, San Jose Municipal Ballpark isn’t the best looking ballpark. Sure that is a matter of taste but it is a simple functional concrete structure with mainly bleacher like seating. But is that a reason to replace a ballpark? It is a simple ballpark without the bells and whistles of the modern stadiums. But this park has some charm that a lot of the modern ballparks are lacking. Fans that visit this ballpark come to see a game without being distracted by several surrounding attractions.


With the discussions about the development of the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds still at a very early stage, it is hard to tell which direction the development will go. But don’t be surprised if “progress” will made some strides and the Giants will get a new ballpark.


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