Greece hires Ivan Rodriguez as manager

After manager of T&A San Marino, Mauro Mazzotti decided to step back as the Greek manager, the Hellenes announced today that they have hired former Regensburg Legionaere manager and former manager of HCAW, Ivan Rodriguez Rodriguez. The Venezuelan will serve as manager for the upcoming European Cup in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands.

Q&A with Ivan Rodriguez, new head coach of the Buchbinder Legionaere RegensburgIvan Rodriguez has international experience as as assistent coach of the Dutch AAA team and as coach of the European team that participated in the Asia Winter Baseball League.

There will not be a lot of time to get to know the team. On Thursday September 8, the team will play a friendly match against L&D Amsterdam Pirates and the next day the European Cup will start.

According to Rodriguez, he is still gathering information about the team and the opponents.
Without knowing his players, Rodriguez will have a tough task to manage his team.

During the last edition, the Greek finished tenth in the overall standings. Their best finish was in 2003 when the team made it to the finals with the help of a lot of Americans with Greek ancestors. That team was established for the 2004 Olympics, that was held in Athens, especially.

Rodriguez stated that his cooperation with the Greek team will only be for this tournament. It remains to be seen if he will continue as manager of the team after the European Cup.


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