European Championship: KOTN vs Germany

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor European Championship baseball 2016

In the final game of the day, Kingdom of the Netherlands hosted Germany. 
In last week’s final of the France International Baseball Tournament, both teams met before. In that game the Dutch won but they had to work for it as the score was only 5-3. This time it would not be a close game like that.

  Germany  2  –  10  Kingdom of the Netherlands  

After a scoreless first inning, the team of manager Steve Janssen took a 2-0 lead. But in the next inning Germany would cut the lead in half when Eric Brenk homered off Rob Cordemans. But the bottom of the third would be a disastrous one for the Germans.
Randolph Oduber started the third with a double down the right field line. With one out, Curt Smith hit a fly out to right field that made Oduber advance to third base.
After Gianison Boekhoudt walked, Kalian Sams doubled down the left field line to drive in Oduber and to make Boekhoudt advance to third. Yurendell de Caster then loaded the bases with a four pitch walk. When Dashenko Ricardo hit towards shortstop Nadir Liatifi, the latter committed a throwing error that allowed Sams and Boekhoudt to score two unearned runs. The same thing happened when Dwayne Kemp hit towards Liatifi. De Caster could score the next unearned run and Ricardo reached third on the error. When Dwayne Kemp stole second base, catcher Simon Guehring committed a throwing error that allowed Dashenko Ricardo to score and Dwayne Kemp to advance to third. When Andre Hughes balked, Dwayne Kemp could touch home plate for the sixth run of the inning.

The Germans would score their final run in the next inning when Simon Guehring led off with a triple and scored on Max Boldt’s sac fly to center field.

The Dutch would score two more runs, one in the fourth and one in the sixth and despite having a runner in scoring position in the seventh, the Kingdom of the Netherlands would not score again.

Rob Cordemans lasted five innings on the mound and gave up two runs on three hits. He struck out six to earn the win.
Andre Hughes took the loss after three innings and eight runs (three earned) on five hits and three walks.
Best hitter for the Netherlands was Yurendell de Caster, who went 1 for 2 with two runs scored. Kalian Sams collected two basehits (both doubles) in five at bats. He drove in a run and scored two himself.

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