European Championship: Kingdom of the Netherlands vs Russia

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor European Championship baseball 2016
Today, Kingdom of the Netherlands hosted Russia. So far Russia is one of the weakest teams in this championship. So could we expect an easy victory? Well, not quite. 
The Russian team played some unexpected good baseball.

Before the game five former Dutch internationals were laureled:  Michael Duursma, Shaldimar Daantji, David Bergman, Danny Rombley and Vince Rooi.

Michael Duursma, Vince Rooi, Shaldimar Daantji, Danni Rombley, David Bergman

The game vs Russia wasn’t really a good one. Russia played some nice defense with an excellent catch by the Russian right fielder. But many of the Dutch players tried to hit for the fences which resulted in a lot of pop ups and fly outs. Perhaps the only excuse that the Dutch could use was that the Russian pitchers did not throw as hard as the Dutch hitters are used to, resulting in several weak hits, pop ups and fly outs.

Chadwick Tromp catches a popup near home plate

Manager Steve Janssen was quite lucky to let rookie Chadwick Tromp play today. The catcher of the Daytona Tortugas caught a solid game and drove in two runs on a homerun to left field. For a long time these were the only runs in the game. But in the seventh inning, out of the blue, Sergei Kudryashov doubled down the left field line and scored on Maxim Monakov’s single down the left field line.

Curt Smith dealt the final blow as he hit a towering homerun to left field that ended in the Dutch bullpen to give the Kingdom of the Netherlands a 3-1 victory.

Mike Bolsenbroek earned the win after five ininngs in which he did not allow a hit and struck out five.

Mike Bolsenbroek earned the win

Nikolay Markov lasted seven innings but took the loss. Markov allowed two runs on two hits and two walks.

The Dutch did not quite outhit the Russians with seven hits against four. The defense was not good either as the shortstop committed two consecutive errors and the right fielder made a fielding error as well.

But even though the Dutch did not play their best game, the victory never really was endangered.

This report was brought to you by Score66 Baseball

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