European Championship: Kingdom of the Netherlands ousts Italy

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor European Championship baseball 2016

Ciao Italia. That was the tendency of last night’s game between Kingdom of the Netherlands and Italy. If you are suffering from high blood pressure or hart failure, last night’s game wasn’t something for you to watch. What started as a quiet game in which the runs did not come cheap, turned out to be a real nail biter.

  Italy  5  –  6  Kingdom of the Netherlands  

Both teams are line up for the national anthems.

It did not seem that there was a cloud in the sky as the Dutch took a 1-0 run lead on a solo shot to left field hit by Yurendell de Caster. For the next four innings, the score remained the same. But in the sixth inning Dutch starting pitcher Diegomar Markwell got into trouble. After Erick Epifano got on base on a single, he advanced to second on a failed pick off thanks to a throwing error by Markwell. Singles by Emilio Vaglio and Alex Liddi gave Italy a one run lead. Two innings later with Tom de Blok on the mound, Italy extended their lead when Alex Liddi scored on Jairo Ramos’ ground ball single to right field. Despite the good outing that De Blok had against Spain, he was hit hard by the Italians. But just when things started to look gloomy for team Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Dutch cut the lead of the Italians in half when Dudley Leonora scored from second on Dwayne Kemp’s double to left field.
When Kalian Sams hit an infield hit towards third base, Yurendell de Caster scored the game tying run.

So with the game tied after nine innings, extra innings were needed. But things started in a bad way for the Dutch. With Alex Liddi placed on first and Erick Epifano on second, the latter stole third. In an attempt to throw Epifano out at third, catcher Dashenko Ricardo made a throwing error that allowed Epifano to score the go-ahead run. Alex Liddi advanced to third on the play and was batted in on a sac fly to right field hit by Alex Sambucci.

With Kalian Sams placed on second and Randolph Oduber on first for the Dutch, Nick Urbanus singled to first base to load the bases. Then things started to look bad again when Dwayne Kemp grounded into a double play on which Kalian Sams could score though.

It was a nerve wrecking game

With a single to center field, Stijn van der Meer drove in Randolph Oduber for the game tying run. Despite his low batting average, Christopher Garia became the hero as he drove in Stijn van der Meer from second with a single to left field.

An eruption of happiness after the game winning run
Stijn van der Meer who scored the winning run is interviewed by the Dutch TV

Winning pitcher was Kevin Kelly, who pitched the tenth inning and gave up two unearned runs (the two runners that were placed on the bases due to the tie breaker rule).
Nicholas Pugliese took the loss as he gave up three runs (two unearned) on four hits in 1.1 innings.

Thanks to this win the Dutch have clinched a spot in the championship game on Sunday,
in which they likely will face Spain.

Here are the highlights of the game:

This report was brought to you by Score66 Baseball. 


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