Transfer talks of Neptunus undermine relationship with Amsterdam Pirates

On the news website of the Dutch broadcasting company NOS, the news came out that L&D Amsterdam Pirates is angry at Holland Series opponent Curacao Neptunus.
According to the news website, Pirates claims that Neptunus has approached Pirates’ third base coach for a function in the coaching staff. According to the Amsterdam team, those talks between Neptunus and Ronald Jaarsma have been taking place without the knowing of the Amsterdam based club.

Ronald Jaarsma in better days as coach of L&D Amsterdam Pirates

Due to these talks, L&D Amsterdam Pirates have dismissed Jaarsma immediately. According to the Amsterdam based club there is an unwritten rule about transfer talks during the play offs and the Holland Series. During this period in Dutch baseball, there will be no talks about contracts according to the club.

According to Pirates, the way in which Neptunus is dealing with this transfer, shows that the club does not show any sportsmanship, respect and decency. For the time being, the Amsterdam based club will limit the relationship and the communication to a necessary minimum.

To the defense of Curacao Neptunus, what can you expect? If there really is such an unwritten rule about transfers during the play offs and Holland Series, participating clubs will only have two weeks left after the Holland Series. The time span to arrange things like new contracts is way too short then. In this case you cannot really blame Neptunus about the timing. True, it is poor, but they did not have much of a choice. They are not happy (anymore) with their current manager, so what else could they do? Try to sign a new manager in two weeks? What if they cannot make a deal with their first choice? Go to the next one and hope that he will sign?

Strange thing is that according to a contact of Amsterdam Pirates, the club would come out with a press release about the case this afternoon, 16:00 Central European Time. Somehow this press release or this information must have been leaked by someone.

What is rather sickening about this news, is the fact that normally the Dutch press hardly talks and writes about baseball, but now there is a scandal about to rear up, they place an article all of a sudden.


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