IBP puts Curacao project on hold

Finally there is some news to announce about the baseball facility that is/was about to be build to house a new summer league on Curacao.

Image result for International baseball partnersRecently International Baseball Partners announced that the company will put the Curacao Project 421 on hold until after the September 30 elections. The company announced this on their website.

“We remain confident that Project 421 and other baseball initiatives will come to fruition for the wonderful people of Curaçao. IBP recognizes the process isn’t without bumps and requires patience, thus we continue to work diligently to establish an international baseball hub on the island. We hope to work with the people’s representatives in the new Curaçao parliament and to use baseball as an economic engine for all the people.”

Due to the ever changing political climate on the island, the development of the plans have been stalled. Due to the delay, the projected Curacao Winter League that IBL announced in 2015 has also been delayed. Image result for International baseball partners
In the mean time, IBL has announced to launch a new baseball initiative in South America that  promises to impact the southern territories of Latin America. The initiative creates a new cooperation to assist the further development of baseball in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru.

“Our vision for South American baseball is to use the tools of media, player development
and private investment to the grow the game in countries dominated by soccer. IBP has in place a blue print that we are confident will bypass the bureaucracy that plagues underdeveloped baseball countries.”

It remains to be seen if this will have any impact on the projected baseball facility on Curacao.


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