Work to finish Dunkin’ Donuts Park to start next week

Finally. A new contractor has been signed to finish the construction of the future home of the Hartford YardGoats. Arch Insurance has contracted Whiting-Turner Contracting Co to start the construction next week. 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Dunkin donuts park deadlineEven though the city of Hartford and the YardGoats have offered to finish the contstruction, Arch insisted that it could finish the job.

Officials of the construction company have been on site already to investigate the work that needs to be done. According to the senior vice president of Arch Insurance, Patrick Nails, Whiting and subcontractors who have been working on the stadium previously, will start with the final stages of the construction next week. Nails said Whiting-Turner brings extensive experience with sports and recreational facilities “which it will use to complete construction of the ballpark so that we can bring baseball to Hartford next year.”…

“These were complex negotiations, and Arch Insurance appreciates the cooperation of the city of Hartford, the mayor’s office, and Eastern League to bring them to conclusion,” Nails said. “A lot of work remains to be done to complete the park, but we look forward to working with all parties to bring baseball to Hartford in April 2017.”

Problems with the construction arose when Centerplan and Dono construction companies did not meet a deadline in May. After missing a second one, the city of Hartford shut down the construction and dismissed both constructions companies from the work. The construction of the ballpark has been at ease ever since. Thanks to this, the YardGoats played all games of the 2016 Eastern League season on the road.

Even if the ballpark will be ready before opening day 2017, the farce of Dunkin’ Donuts Park will be far from over with several lawsuits coming up involving previous developers Centerplan Construction Co. and DoNo Hartford and the city of Hartford as well.



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