Dunkin’ Donuts Park farce far from over

As you could read yesterday, Arch insurance appointed Whiting-Turner Contracting to continue the construction next week. Yesterday’s article was concluded with the sentence “Even if the ballpark will be ready before opening day 2017, the farce of Dunkin’ Donuts Park will be far from over with several lawsuits coming up involving previous developers Centerplan Construction Co. and DoNo Hartford and the city of Hartford as well.”

Well, it may not come as a surprise that Centerplan and Dono Hartford have filed for a lawsuit in an emergency motion to prevent the construction from continuing. Why? Architect Details Numerous Deficiencies At Dunkin' Donuts Park In HartfordAccording to their attorneys it will hurt their case against the city and YardGoats owner Solomon, if the construction will continue. The two construction companies want to preserve the ballpark in its current state because every alteration will affect the proof in their case against the city of Hartford and the YardGoats.

The Hartford Courant cited Centerplan’s attorney Raymond Garcia: “We don’t want to stop construction. We just want to take pictures of the existing conditions to preserve evidence. This is a simple matter that should not affect the progress of construction.”

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin dismissed Centerplan’s court action.

“This latest lawsuit from Centerplan has no legal basis and is a nonissue,” he said. “We look forward to working with the new contractor, Whiting-Turner — a responsible company with a great reputation and extensive experience building stadiums.”

Probably it will only take a day to register all shortcomings as architect Jonathan O’Neil Cole already went through the ballpark to note every shortcoming.

The city of Hartford pulled out the plug from the project because of several delays in the construction. Centerplan and Dono Hartford were held responsible for that.

But also Whiting-Turner’s past is flawed. The construction company was also the construction manager on the Connecticut Science Center project. Design issues with the science center’s roof delayed its opening by 18 months and resulted in a $10 million lawsuit being filed against the architect and other contractors on the project, including Whiting-Turner, in 2009.


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