Alterations to Wrigley Field continue

After the Chicago Cubs had a made a huge alteration to Wrigley Field by adding the new big left center field and right field scoreboards, the club will continue to alter the look of the cherished ballpark. The scoreboards in left center field and right field were quite an issue as they would block the view of the rooftop bleachers, but nevertheless, the Cubs decided to continue with the construction.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Wrigley field

Now a new adaption is announced. The club will move the bullpens. Wrigley Field used to be one of only four clubs that had the bullpens situated in playable area down the foul lines. Only AT&T Park in San Francisco, the neighboring Oakland Coliseum and Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg have bullpens in the same area.

Now the Cubs have announced that the bullpen will be moved underneath the stands it will give the club the opportunity to add several rows of seats down the left field and right field foul lines.

Even though the club has announced to stick with the plans, the players aren’t quite happy with the move. For both the players and the fans the outdoor bullpens are a unique experience. The relief pitchers can chat with the fans and are close to the game. With the current bullpens, the pitchers can soak up the atmosphere at the friendly confines.

Road teams may be very happy with the move though. How often have outfielders stumbled over the pitchers mounds in the bullpen to botch a play?

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