Team Europe returns to Asia Winter Baseball League

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor asia winter baseball league
Team Europe of 2015

After last year’s appearance, team Europe will return to Chinese Taipei to participate in the Asia Winter Baseball League.
Last year team Europe debuted in this tournament with a tie. The team won one game and managed to get two more ties.

Next to many talented players from the rest of Europe, some very talented Dutch players participated in the 2015 edition: Kevin Weijgertse, Maickel Rietel, Rashid Gerard, Lars Huijer and Urving Kemp to name a few.

Of the Dutch players that debuted last year Kevin Weijgertse, Matz Schutte and Urving Kemp will return. Next to these three players six other players from the Dutch Kingdom will be added to the roster: Misja Harcksen (Curacao Neptunus), Paul Brands (Pittsburgh Pirates organization), Taylor Clemensia (Minnesota Twins organization, Eugene Helder from Aruba (Seattle Mariners organization), Francisco Taveras from Aruba (Mannheim Tornados), Ross Ismael from Aruba (released by the Cincinnati Reds) and Dudley Leonora (Kinheim).

This year the number of teams will be six. The NPB will be represented by two teams. One Afbeeldingsresultaat voor asia winter baseball leagueteam will contain talented players from the Western League and the other will contain talents from the Eastern League. Both leagues are part of the NPB’s minor league system or Ni-Gun teams.
Also the Korean KBO will send a team. Chinese Taipei will send two teams. One will be a training team with internationals between 18 and 23 years old. The other will contain players from the CPBL (Chinese Professional Baseball League).

As soon as the other members of team Europe are known, you will read it here.

The schedule of team Europe is as follows:

Saturday, November 26 : KBO – Team Europe
Sunday, November 27 : Team Europe – NPB B
Monday, November 28 : Chinese Taipei – Team Europe
Tuesday, November 29 : Team Europe – CPBL
Thursday December 1 : Team Europe – NPB A
Friday, December 2 : NPB B – Team Europe
Saturday, December 3 : Team Europe – Chinese Taipei
Sunday, December 4 : Team Europe – KBO
Monday, December 5 : NPB A – Team Europe
Tuesday, December 6 : KBO – Team Europe
Thursday, December 8 : Team Europe – NPB B
Friday, December 9 : Chinese Taipei – Team Europe
Saturday, December 10 : NPB B – Team Europe
Sunday, December 11 : Team Europe – NPB A
Monday December 12 : Team Europe – KBO
Tuesday, December 13 : CPBL – Team Europe
Thursday, December 15 : Team Europe – CBPL
Friday, December 16 : Om de vijfde en zesde plaats
Saturday, December 17 : Play-Offs
Sunday, December 18 : Final


3 Replies to “Team Europe returns to Asia Winter Baseball League”

  1. Hello, Yankeebiscuitfan,
    As a fellow blogger, the first sentence looks rather puzzling for me. “Chinese Taipei” is a tentative name used to address the team from Taiwan to participate international sport events. Yet, that is not an official country name, or geographic name.

    So, it is bizarrd to say “return to Chinese Taipei”, how about just use the geographic name “Taiwan”? Besides, all games will be in Taichung Intercontinental Stadium and Duoliu Stadium, this tournament has little to do with Taipei per se.

    I don’t want to get into great details of how “Taiwan” become “Chinese Taipei” in 1979. Such issue is quite delicate. Yet, stating the geographic name seems the best solution here.


    1. I know that Chinese Taipei and Taiwan are the same. I actually thought that Chinese Taipei was the name that was used internationally.
      It sure will have to do with the political situation between Taiwan and PR China. I assume that the name Taiwan is rather delicate because China still sees the island as one of her provinces.
      But when Chinese Taipei should not be used, I wonder why it is during sports games. Probably because of the political situation with China. Same with the use of your flag…
      I will try to keep in mind to use Taiwan next time.


      1. Please consider the following example. (an a hypothetical example, since the name I am going to use no longer exist) I think it illustrate my points better.

        If the European team is travelling to Curaçao for a Caribbean winter league hosted there, and supposed the name “Netherlands Antilles” still in use (I know it isn’t now, that’s why I call it ‘hypothetical at first), How would a reporter/blogger write a news piece on it?

        I won’t call it wrong to use, “Team Europe travel to Netherlands Antilles”. Nevertheless, my personal preference would use simply Curaçao since it is more specific.

        So, what I tried to say is actually political-neutral. I come from the perspectives of reports to specific facts.

        Yet, hey, this is your blog and report. You could have your preference. I just suggest what I see here.


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