More on Japanese interest for Tom de Blok

Yesterday you could read here that the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles had shown interest in L&D Amsterdam Pirates pitcher Tom de Blok. The 20-year old can easily throw a 93 mph fastball and that is always something interesting for a baseball club, especially in times in which the focus is on speed.


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Tom de Blok
Tom de Blok (photo: Orangepictures)

After posting yesterday’s blog post, I was informed about the precise construction of the contract by a Japanese source.

Tom would be playing under a so called development contract. This means that he is participating in the training sessions and minor league games of the Ni-Gun team of the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles and that he has to fight for a spot on the 70-man (!) roster of the club. In fact it is the same construction Dutchman Loek van Mil had to deal with during his stay with the Rakuten Golden Eagles in 2014.

Especially now Tom cannot comment on the issue yet, it is very likely that both parties are still negotiating. It is very well possible that he will stay in Amsterdam. On the other hand, playing in Japan, even when it is “just” Ni-Gun level, is a great experience and worth I try.


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