De Glaskoning Twins add 9 new players

The transfer period in Dutch baseball will expire today at 17.00 (5 PM CET) but De Glaskoning Twins from Oosterhout released its new roster for the 2017 season already.

The biggest chunk of the team will stay the same but the team saw several players leave and added a total of nine players

The players that left the club are:
Elton Koeiman (pitching coach Neptunus), Berry van Donselaar, Anthony Vrolijk (both to Euros Stars), Jeffrey Arends (Vaessen Pioniers), Shurty Tremus (retired), Jarreau Martina (retired/Curacao Neptunus) and Stijn Janssens (unknown).

Twins added quite a number of new players to their roster:
Melvin Perdue, coming from DSS, Jamie Verheyleweghen (will return to Twins after playing for UVV in the past two years), Giinoo Jonis (infielder from Deurne Spartans and one of the best hitters of the Belgian leagues), Menno Lenting (DSS),  Sharlon Lebacks (pitcher from Deurne Spartans),  Raynaldo Sarmiento Clara (Cuban born pitcher, citizen of neighbouring Tilburg, coming from Wassenaar), Jason Jie-Sam Foek (pitcher from Deurne Spartans), Jace van Droogenbroeck (pitcher from Deurne Spartans and the Belgian national team) and Thijs Steenwijk (talented pitcher from UVV).

Next to these players, Twins will add three players of their rookie team. Denzel Bryson, who played a couple of games for the flagship team in 2016, Tair Vrutaal and Bram Grooten.

The team will look to add a foreign pitcher, possibly one from Japan or Australia.

The new roster will look like this:

Matthew Latta, Thijs Steenwijk, Ian Evertse, Reynaldo Sarmiento Clara, Brendan Schoemaker, Mic van de Ven, Jace van Droogenbroeck, Sharlon LeBacks, Nick Peels and Jason Jie-Sam Foek.

Denzel Bryson and Bart Janssen

Tair Vrutaal, Dennis de Quint, Menno Lenting, Christopher Gé, Bob van der Meer and Yonis Ruigino.

Bart Hanegraaff, Melvin Perdue, Nick Peels, Mick Molenaar, Denzel Bryson and Bram Grooten.

Based on this list of players, the club expects to match last season’s team at least.


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