Dushan Ruzic back in ABL

Dutch baseball fans and especially those in Rotterdam will remember him: Dushan Ruzic.
The tall Australian pitched a few years as closer/reliever for (then) DOOR Neptunus.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Dushan RuzicIn 2008, Ruzic joined DOOR Neptunus after having spent several years in the minor leagues where he reached AA level. In 20 appearances with Neptunus he recorded one win and seven saves in 2008 with a microscopic 0.84 ERA. His main weapon was his fastball that easily topped 90 mph.

In 2009 Ruzic recorded seven wins and two losses in twenty appearances (five starts and fifteen relief appearances in which he recorded six saves.

Once again Ruzic played for Neptunus in 2010 after he had joined the Adelaide Bite of the ABL for the first time. With Neptunus he posted a 9-0 record in eighteen appearances  (nine starts, three complete games, two saves and a 1.56 ERA).

In 2011 he moved to Italy to join Rimini Pirates but he wasn’t nearly as successful there.

In 2012 he would return to Neptunus after spending the winter (Australian Summer) Downunder with the Bite again. With Neptunus he wasn’t as successful as he used to be. In 23 games, he posted a 2-2 record and got seven saves with a 2.90 ERA. 2012 would be his final year with the club.

After some absence, Duzic has signed a deal with the Melbourne Aces for the 2016-2017 ABL season. After three years with the Adelaide Bite, it is the first stint with Aces. The now 34-year old right hander went 5-2 with a 3.18 ERA in the 2012 season for the Bite with 70 strikeouts and 42 walks.

With the 2013 World Baseball Classic, Australia had to face the Netherlands in the first round. The Australian manager started with Ruzic on the mound as he knew that the Dutch hoofdklasse players had a lot of respect for his fastball. But apparently the Dutch MLB players feasted on it as Ruzic was hit hard and took the loss. Jonathan Schoop hit a homerun with Duzic on the mound.


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