Shurty Tremus returns to De Glaskoning Twins

After he hung up his spikes after his final game of the past season (Japan Day at Twins), Shurty Tremus is back with De Glaskoning Twins from Oosterhout. Not as a player this time. He will serve as a hitting coach and third base coach.

According to the Facebook page, Tremus has followed his heart and has decided to stay with the club from Noord Brabant.

Shurty Tremus started his career with Neptunus from Rotterdam. He broke into the hoofdklasse in 2005 with Ado from the Hague and also played for HCAW, Pioniers and Twins. In 2013, 2014 and 2015, Shurty did not play at the hoofdklasse level but returned the the highest level of Dutch baseball in 2016 with Twins after the team won the promotion/relegation series vs Mampaey the Hawks from Dordrecht.

During his career in the hoofdklasse, Shurty never reached .300 as a hitter. His highest average was .263 in the 2007 season. In his final  hoofdklasse season with De Glaskoning Twins, Shurty hit a modest  .186.  You may wonder why  De Glaskoning Twins hires him as a hitting coach but despite his low average in his final season, Shurty did not strike out a lot. It is all about getting the ball in play and that is what he did.

This report was brought to you by Score66 Baseball. 


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