Hurricane Matthew pushes back upgrades Grainger Stadium

The temporary home of the Down East Wood Ducks, new A Advanced farm team of the Texas Rangers will not have the upgrades that were planned in 2017. Due to Hurricane Matthew most of the upgrades are pushed back to 2018.

The city of Kinston had solicited bids for several improvements to Grainger Stadium, including new concession stands, a new visitors clubhouse, the creation of a weight room and a renovation of the home team clubhouse.

But due to Hurrican Matthew many contractors were busy restoring the damage caused by the hurricane. Only one bid came back and it was too expensive. So the city council of Kinston decided to push back the biggest part of the work  after the 2017 season.

Lenoir County Parks and Recreation Director Bill Ellis stated: “Because of the flood we’re not doing as much work. The only this we are bidding out is the concession stand. Some of the smaller projects in the locker rooms will be completed “in house,” but they will not be building the visitors’ club house or maintenance shop.”

Wade Howell, Down East Wood Ducks general manager, said the team understands there is more important work to be done. “We have scaled back and are planning to complete more of the necessary projects.”

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