Star Wars marriage @ WhiteCaps

Are you a baseball fan? And a Star Wars fan? Are you planning to wed in 2017 and are you also living near Cornstock Park Michigan? Then this may be something for you. 
The West Michigan WhiteCaps are organizing one of those silly promotions. Of course for the real fans Star Wars isn’t funny, it is bloody serious. But on June 24, the WhiteCaps will give those who want to get married the chance get a Star Wars themed wedding in Fifth Third Ballpark.


The whole package will cost you $2,500. But for that money you will get quite some extras besides the bond with your eternal love. The Star Wars marriage package will contain:

Pregame 10 minute ceremony
Star Wars characters as part of the wedding party
A lightsaber bouquet
Lightsaber tunnel
One Star Wars personalized jersey also serves as guest book
Credit for 40 guests for an Altogas in-game BBQ (includes tickets & food)-
One wedding cake (serves up to 40 guests)
Champagne toast
First pitches for couple
DVD of ceremony
Seating upgrade available
Additional tickets may be purchased

But if this something for you, you have to be quick. There will be only one package available.

Of course this Star Wars marriage doesn’t come on its own. It is part of a special Star Wars theme night. There will be Star Wars characters walking around during the game and between the innings and they will help out during the pregame ceremony.

You may wonder how the WhiteCaps came up with this idea. Well, according to Matt Hoffman of the WhiteCaps, it was just a random idea and they ran with it. The club wanted to see if anyone might be interested. So it is merely a test. On my question why they only give the opportunity to one couple instead of multiple couples, the answer of mr Hoffman was: “Because we are including a deck area rental in the price we only wanted to have one couple to allow them the chance to secure that deck area.”

In case more than one couple is interested, the WhiteCaps will deal with the first couple that puts down a deposit.

So if you are interested, please contact Matt Hoffman through e-mail or by telephone.  or 616-726-7013.

Oh, and of course it is up to the couple to dress up like Prinses Leia and Han Solo. 🙂


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