Shawn Zarraga signs with Reds

Aruban catcher Shawn Zarraga has signed a contract with the Cincinnati Reds. In the past two seasons he played in the Dodgers organization where he split seasons between AA Tulsa and AAA Oklahoma City after the Milwaukee Brewers traded him in the 2014/2015 off season. 

Zarraga was bothered by a nagging in jury in 2016 and he returned to AA only halfway the

Shawn Zarraga (photo courtesy by Phrake photography)

season. Later that year he was called up by the Dodgers to fill a spot on the 40-man roster after the Dodgers traded for Carlos Ruiz and the latter hadn’t arrived yet. Zarraga reported at the MLB club and was bench warmer for only one game.

Shawn has played several games for the Dutch national team (now called team Kingdom of the Netherlands). During the 2013 World Baseball Classic, he was part of the team and in 2012, 2014 and 2016 during the European Cup.
It is very likely that Zarraga will be part of the 2017 WBC roster next to Spencer Kieboom and Dashenko Ricardo. The latter two are better defensive catchers, while Zarraga is a good hitter (even though he struggled at bat with OKC last season).

In November 2015 Shawn participated with team Kingdom of the Netherlands in the inaugural Premier 12 tournament. During the tournament he was injured to his wrist a couple of times which resulted in a low batting average of only .200 in five games.

The news about the siging by the Reds was mentioned on Baseball America, but no details about the contract were disclosed.

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