City of Biloxi sues Shuckers for delayed payments

After two years of baseball in Biloxi, the good relationship between the city and the Biloxi Shuckers seems to be over. In June 2015, MGM Park, home of the Shuckers opened with a delay of half a season due to contstructional delays (where have we heard that before?). But the club could move into their new home after half a season playing on the road and everybody was happy.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor MGM Park Biloxi
MGM Park, home of the Biloxi Shuckers

Was happy. Was. Because the city of Biloxi no longer is. The reason? Delayed payments. And because of that the city has filed a lawsuit against the ballclub and its owners Overtime Sports Management.
According to the city it has been unable to determine how much Biloxi Baseball owes the city for rent, advertising and ticket sales under a stadium lease because Biloxi Baseball and Overtime Sports has failed to account for its sales.


Biloxi Baseball has paid the city $146,450 in rent through Oct. 1, claiming it is due a discount of $153,550 under the terms of the lease. The city denies the discount is owed.

The city says Biloxi Baseball has failed to account for ticket sales, video-board advertising and other advertising for which the city is supposed to receive compensation under the lease, , despite requests from the city.

The lawsuit says that because of the lack of actions by the ballclub, the city is unable to calculate the amounts that it should be paid by the Shuckers.

The city also says Biloxi Baseball has failed to pay utilities for the stadium’s main video board.

In addition, the city says, Biloxi Baseball said in an application for a tourism tax-rebate program that it would spend $20 million to acquire and relocate the team, but the city has been able to document only $16.5 million in expenses.

The city wants a court-ordered accounting of proceeds the companies have taken in from the stadium. The city also wants a payment of any amounts owed.


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