Loek van Mil clinches first save in ABL

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor ABL baseball

Today, the Adelaide Bite took on the Perth Heat in the very first game of week 4. In a close game the Bite stayed at the right side of the score as the team kept the Heat at bay after a four run rally of the team from Perth. The Bite won 5-4. 

The Adelaide Bite clinched a regular win as the team scored runs in the second, fourth, fifth and seventh innings.

In the second inning Josh Altmann led off with a double to left field. But Altmann was tagged out after a run down when he made a base running boner when Marcus Greene hit a dribbler to pitcher Michael Lee. Greene was save on the play and scored from first base on A.C. Carter’s double to right field.

Marcus Green would score again in the fourth inning as he hit a lead off homerun off Michael Lee. Jordan Cowan scored the third run for the Bite from third on a single by Josh Altman to left field in the fifth inning.

With runners on first and second, Josh Altman tripled to right field in the top of the seventh inning to give the Bite a 5-0 over Perth.

But Perth didn’t give up yet. In the bottom of the seventh the team started a rally.
With the bases loaded after two singles and a HBP, Tim Kennely grounded into a 5-2 force out that kept the Heat from scoring. But despite the one out, the situation did not change.
With the bases still loaded, Luke Hughes smashed a 0-1 offering over the left field fence to bring the Heat within one run of the Bite.

Bite manager Steve Mintz brought in closer Loek van Mil in the bottom of the ninth and despite giving up two hits, Van Mil shut the door for the Heat for his first save of the season.



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