Rumble Ponies unveil uniforms

About a month after the Binghamton Mets announced their name change, the team has unveiled their new uniforms. The new uniforms of the Binghamton Rumble Ponies lack creativity and originality.

The club presented four different uniforms.

Of course the home jersey that sports the name Rumble Ponies across the chest. The letters are scarlet with a silver lining. There is a blue piping running up around the neck and down again. On the left sleeve the jersey sports the road B of Binghamton.
The home cap shows a caroussel horse on the front.

The road jersey will be grey of course and it has the name of the city across the chest. The numbering will Binghamton Rumble Ponies road jerseybe scarlet with a silver outline. With the road jersey comes a scarlet road cap with a silver B on the front.

A third jersey is the alternate jersey that sports the name of the state of New York, where Binghamton is located. The alternate jersey has the same lettering as rumble-ponies-alternatethe road jersey in a jersey font. The alternate cap is also scarlet with silver NY on the front. On the left sleeve of the jersey the premier logo is attached.

The fourth jersey that the Rumble Ponies presented is the BP jersey. The BP jersey is navy with a silver lettering that says Rumble. Together with the BP jersey comes the BP cap (navy crown with a red lid) with a pony wearing boxing gloves and carrying a baseball bat.

I have retyped this post several times to keep the spirit positive but somehow I can’t. The team had a chance to come with fresh uniforms next to a lame name but unfortunately they blew it this time as well. As written in the prologue, the jerseys and caps lack creativity and originality. Of course it is a matter of taste. In general I am willing to buy new MiLB merchandise, but I will pass on these jerseys and caps for sure.

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