Haarlem keeps faith in organizing baseball week again

It seems there is a glimmer of hope that the Haarlem Baseball Week will continue. A few baseball fans from Haarlem want to cooperate to continue the bi-annual event in 2018

According to the local Haarlem newspaper, two of the initiators are Robert Sant and Gerrit Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Honkbalweek HaarlemLigtenberg, who always have felt a strong involvement with the event, want to see if it is possible to organize a 2018 edition, which would be the 29th.
Because the news about the downfall of the Baseball Week is still fresh, the initiators did not have time to make a plan yet.

According to Robert Sant, the Haarlem Baseball Week should start with a clean slate. Sponsors need to be approached in a different way too.

Last week, the Haarlem Baseball Week foundation announced that they could not make ends meet anymore and that after 28 editions since 1961, the organizing committee was forced to call it quits due to the financial crisis and lack of interest of sponsors.

But the alderman who manages the sports activities in the city of Haarlem, Merijn Snoek,  seems to have faith in another edition in 2018.  According to Snoek it is way too soon to say that there will be no Haarlem Baseball Week anymore.

Snoek wants to meet with every sports lover to see how to organize an new edition in 2018. The amount that the city of Haarlem donates to the event is still available.
It may be clear the €40,000 is not enough to save the event.

During the 28 editions, the tournament saw fourteen US teams win (five times the US national team, six times the semi-pro Sullivans from Grand Rapids, once the Miami Hurricanes, once the California Stags and once the Arizona Wildcats). Five times the Cuban national team won. Japan won three times, Canada once, the Dutch Antilles once, The Alconbury Spartans (a US army team based in the UK) once and the Dutch national team won the tournament four times.

In the meantime someone started a Facebook page to save the event. Within a day the page had a 1,000 followers already. Currently the page has 1,609 likes.

It is a good thing that many people want to save the event, but all those fans need to come together and let a few persons pick up the pieces and take the lead to build something beautiful again.


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