ABL All Star Game 2016, good performances by Dutch related players


In a close ABL All Star Game, the World All Stars took a lead but eventually lost in the ninth as Stefan Welch singled home Trent D’Antonio from second base.

The World All Stars had taken a 1-0 lead in the top of the fourth. With the bases loaded, Kevin Padlo hit a sac fly to left field that drove in Mike Reeves for the opening run.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor ABL World All StarsIt would take team Australia two innings to even the score. In the bottom of the sixth Keisuke Honda, who replaced Loek van Mil, started the inning with two consecutive walks before recording the first out. Another walk loaded the bases before Shogo Noda replaced his fellow countryman. But Noda started in the worst possible way as he threw a wild pitch that allowed Aussie Kyle Perkins to score the game tying run.

Loek van Mil had pitched in the previous inning and kept the Aussies limited to only one walk.

Former Curacao Neptunus player Craig Anderson started the game for Australia and also pitched one inning, limiting the World All Stars to two hits as he struck out one.

Former Oosterhout Twins player and Munich-Haar Disciples player Justin Erasmus replaced Anderson in the second inning. Erasmus gave up no hits but walked one and struck out one in the sole inning that he pitched.
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor ABL all star game team Australia
The third pitcher with Dutch “ties”, Dushan Ruzic (who used to play for Curacao Neptunus as well), pitched the fifth inning. He gave up two walks and struck out two to keep the World All Stars from scoring.

Eventually German Sven Schuller was the schlimazel as he gave up the winning run to the Aussies in the ninth. Schuller got two quick outs but thanks to a single and a wild pitch, Trent D’Antonio reached second, from where he scored on Stefan Welch’ single as Schuller took the loss by allowing the walk off run on two hits.

Even though Jeremy Guthrie hasn’t thrown a pitch for the Melbourne Aces yet, he was added to the World All Stars roster. Guthrie was the starter for the team and retired teh side in the first frame.


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