Kevin Costner willing to do Bull Durham sequel

Bull Durham. Isn’t this everybody’s favorite baseball movie? The cult movie from the eighties, in which Kevin Costner played minor league catcher Crash Davis and Tim Robbins played Braves’ prospect Nuke LaLoosh, may get a sequel according to a movie website.

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Kevin Costner was recently a guest on The Dan Patrick Show and said he’d be open to a second installment of one of the most important sports movies of our time:

If a sequel will be made, the story will be quite a bit different because a 50-year old catcher and a 45-year old pitcher does not make a lot of sense. Especially not in the minors, even though it isn’t unusual that older players are sent down to AAA after an MLB career.

The setting will also be quite a bit different. As the original movie was about a single A team at Durham Athletic Park, this movie would be featuring the Tampa Bay Rays’ AAA team that calls Durham Bulls Athletic Park home. This “new” AAA stadium is quite a bit bigger than the old DAP, which is not used for professional baseball any longer.

It is very likely that Coster will play Crash Davis again, but this time as manager of the Bulls. Tim Robbins (if he wants to paricipate) will play Nuke LaLoosh again. The question is if it is in the role of a veteran pitcher that has been sent down to AAA or as a pitching coach.

Even though it is not even sure if the sequel will be made, it is nice to think about the cast and the screenplay.

But it may be clear that I am all for a second part of Bull Durham. 🙂


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