D-Backs sue Maricopa county, may leave Chase Field

Yesterday, KTAR.com, published the news that the Arizona Diamondbacks are suing Maricopa County in the Chase Field case. This lawsuit may lead to the team leaving Chase Field.

The case about Chase Field is a long running one. The Diamondbacks blame Maricopa County to neglect the stadium and that there is a lot of deferred maintenance. Maricopa County on its turn claims that it doesn’t have the money to maintain the stadium. You can wonder why on earth they ever agreed to build the ballpark as they knew that they did not have enough funds to maintain it….

Anyhow, the Diamondbacks are now suing the county. According to D-backs managing general partner Ken Kendrick it is not to seek any damages but merely to allow the team to explore its options and possibly consider a move.

Kendrick stated that “It is extremely unfortunate that we have been forced to take action today following several years of attempts to resolve this matter out of court.”

” D-backs attorney Leo R. Beus said in a statement:  ““It should be made clear that the D-backs seek no damages in this suit nor are they seeking any taxpayer funding. They are asking the court for the ability to remove the contract restriction that prevents the Diamondbacks from exploring other stadium options.”

Maricopa County responded in a rather childish way: “It is disappointing” that the Diamondbacks are “suing their fans who helped build Chase Field. The team simply wants out of the contract that makes them stay and play through the 2028 season. Saying the facility is in disrepair is outrageous,” the statement read. “It seems the team just wants a new stadium now.”

According to the Diamondbacks, the county did not meet the obligations to maintain the ballpark and that it does not pay for $185 million worth of repairs.

In August it looked like that there would be a solution as a investment company announced to be willing to buy Chase Field from Maricopa County, but eventually the deal fell through after the potential buyers claimed the team would not discuss the idea of a sale.


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