Fresno Tacos promotion is becoming a tradition

Two years ago, the Fresno Grizzlies came up with the Fresno Tacos promotion for the first time. Last year the Pacific Coast League franchise of the Houston Astros repeated this promotion and the club will organize it again in 2017.

The club has unveiled its 2017 Fresno Taco uniform.  The uniform will be worn on the so-called Taco Tuesdays. This time the jerseys and the lid of the cap have a zarape-print design. Zarape is a kind colorful type of cloth used in Mexico.

As part of this promotion, the Tacos announced the purchase of a taco emoji. According to Fresno Grizzlies/Fresno Tacos general manager Derek Franks, “This is another flag in the ground to pay homage to taco culture in the Central Valley, and cement Fresno as the Taco Capital of this country. We will be very good keepers of our newly adopted emoji- in fact, we encourage as many people as possible to use it.  It’s available to borrow from us for free at all times, forever.  We wouldn’t have been able to live with ourselves if Taco Bell had ended up adopting it.  Now it’s home where it belongs in Fresno.”

“We’re here in the taco capital, and the taco emoji looks like a legit taco truck taco now,” said Grizzlies director of marketing Sam Hansen.  “While it’s thrilling to preserve the emoji for the Valley, if someone wants it back for a million bucks, we’d sure put that money to good use in the place that does tacos better than anywhere else on Earth.”

The Tacos announced that if any party, like Chipotle, Taco Bell or Del Taco, would like to buy it, they will have to pay $1 million (with a nod to Dr. Evil of the Austin Powers movies). The first $5,000 of the million would be spent on a wardrobe of ponchos and hats for Cilantro Gomez, the mascot for the Fresno Tacos.  The remaining $995,000 would be directed to local Central Valley charities, initiatives spearheaded by the Fresno Grizzlies Community Fund and The Unicode Consortium.

As an added bonus to fans, anyone who shows a tweet composed from their account containing “#FresnoTacos” and the taco emoji at the Fresno Grizzlies Team Store will earn 15% off each Fresno Tacos item they purchase.  The discount also applies to any Grizzlies/Tacos emoji shirt or cap.


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