Memphis Redbirds rebrand

Less than two years after the club adopted a new look, the Memphis Redbirds have presented a new logo and new uniforms. Today the team broadcasted live on Facebook.

Early February 2015 the club presented a new logo that looked a lot like the parent club’s in St. Louis. 
The look that the Redbirds unveiled today is different for sure.

The main logo shows a cardinal drawn as a comic character with the Name Memphis Redbirds in neon. Earlier today, the club made a pre-announcement that the club would be enlighted. When it comes to the neon you can certainly say that.

The neon refers to the many neon signs in the city’s iconic Beale Street, located just a few blocks from Autozone Park, the home of the Memphis Redbirds.

The two alternate Redbirds logos show a cheeky looking upper half of a cardinal, holding a baseball mitt and a whole bird with a baseball mitt in his right hand and a ball in his left.

The uniforms are a major improvement over the previous ones.

The home jersey is in traditional white with the name of the city in the style of a neon sign, with the capital M written like a musical note. The same kind of script can be seen on the gray road jersey as well. The set of uniforms is completed by a powder blue jersey taht will serve as the alternate jersey. The jerseys will have the main logo on the right sleeve, while they sport the cap logo of the parent club on the left sleeve. 

The caps are pretty awesome too. The red home cap shows the cardinals’ head, while the navy alternate cap with a red lid shows the capital M.

The primary colors of the new brand are St. Louis Cardinals red, navy and yellow, to represent the affiliate of the Redbirds since 1998.

The mascot named Rockey has also been modernized as an edgy, bold and determined character, which embodies the spirit of Memphians. And the Redbirds are proud to bring back an iteration of Rockey as the Cardinals’ famous “Dirty Bird,” which will be featured on alternate powder blue jerseys the Cardinals made popular during the 1980s.

New Era Home Hat
Redbirds home cap

“Upon purchasing the Redbirds, our first priority was to reconnect as a local business operating in downtown Memphis,” said Principal Owner Peter Freund. “In doing so, we felt we needed an authentic brand that represented not only the storied history of Memphis, but the heart of the city itself.”

“Throughout this process, we wanted to create a brand that we could activate,” said President/General Manager Craig Unger. “The new, more modern look pays homage to Memphis’ rich baseball heritage while keeping the connection to our St. Louis Cardinals affiliation. We have achieved this balance by maintaining the Redbirds name and color scheme, but also bringing back elements such as the music note ‘M’ from the 1970s.”

For the change, the rebranding wasn’t designed by Brandiose. The Redbirds teamed up with Dan Simon of Studio Simon. Dan Simon said “We were tremendously excited when the Redbirds came to Studio Simon and asked us to work together with them to create a brand identity that celebrated Memphis in a manner that evoked the unique flavor of such an incredible city, one that is a destination in and of itself. And to be able to marry that look with a nod to, and update of, one of the St. Louis Cardinals’ wonderful heritage logos was certainly delicious icing on the branding cake.”

Altogether, as far as I am concerned, the rebranding of the Memphis Redbirds is a huge succes.



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