Dodgers appear to be interested in Profar

The Los Angeles Dodgers have shown interest in utility player Jurickson Profar. The 23-year old player from Curacao may be the odd man out if the Texas Rangers sign Mike Napoli.

At both clubs, there is a rather strange situation. The Dodgers still eye the Twins’ Brian Dozier to play second base, but talks with the Twins are going nowhere. So in fact, Profar is their second choice.
The Rangers on their turn, do not want to trade Profar yet as he is only 23. But with the positions of third base, shortstop and second base well occupied, there is no room for Profar with the Rangers. Even a role of DH or outfielder is out of the question. The Rangers could use Profar in a backup role to keep the everyday players healthy or to fill a void if one gets injured.

Since Texas has dealt with the DL a lot over the past couple of seasons, they may not be willing to let go Profar just like that. Without playing that much, he has entered his first season of arbitration eligibility. Profar is still young and talented and has the ability to play all infield positions. Last season, Profar had a perfect score in left field and on 1B.
At second base he posted a .978 fielding percentage and .974 at short. Only at third base, he did not fare that well with .913 (four errors) in twenty-five games.

At bat he posted a .239 average and that will not improve when he won’t get consistent at-bats.

If the Dodgers really want him, the Rangers will ask quite a bit in return for a player that once was the top prospect in baseball. It depends on their willingness to give up a part of their farm system if Profar will wear a Dodgers uniform in 2017.

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