51s restart Summerlin ballpark talks

The city of Las Vegas has made no secret they want the Las Vegas 51s out of Cashman Field. The city wants to expand the adjacent convention center, Cashman Center, and it needs the ground of Cashman Field to build the expansion.  Several locations were presented, as Summerlin was one of them but all proposals shattered in one way or another. Now it looks like officials of the 51s will give Summerlin another try.

The 51s are looking for a possibility to build the new ballpark next to the NHL training Las Vegas 51sfacility of the Las Vegas Golden Knights in Summerlin.
The Howard Hughes Corporation, which has an ownership stake in the team, would donate the land in Summerlin as the corporation owns the land on which the training facility of the Golden Knights will be built and leases the site to the Black Knight Sports & Entertainment LLC — owner of the NHL franchise.

According to County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak, the talks about the Summerlin location stalled after the Howard Hughes Corp. raised the price tag of the ballpark from $65 million to $85 million. But Sisolak said last week that the negotiations about a new ballpark for the 51s are ongoing. Sisolak and the 51s agree on the fact that the conditions at Cashman Field are unacceptable as the facility is outdated and lacks many of the basic amenities that most other minor league ballparks have. According to Sisolak, something nice may grow in the coming months.

The 51s have a lease running through the 2022 season. But the club and the Pacific Coast League have made clear that they will get out of Cashman Field rather sooner than later.

It would be a nice “birthday” present for the 51s if a deal can be struck in 2017 as the club celebrates its 35th season in Las Vegas this year.

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