Peace, love, baseball in Asheville

Time for another nice promotion. The Asheville Tourirsts (Single-A affiliation of the Colorado Rockies in the South Atlantic League) will become the Asheville Hippies for one day.

On June 29, McCormick Field, home of the Asheville Tourists will turn into a Woodstock-like environment when the Asheville Hippies will take the field. The team will wear special themed tie-dyed jerseys that will be auctioned after the game to raise money for charity.

What started as a Twitter troll attack when the Greenville baseball team referred to the Tourists as the “Asheville Hippies” resulted in a friendly challenge offered by the Asheville Tourists and accepted by Greenville. It was determined that whichever team won the majority of the head-to-head contests in 2016; the other would succumb to wearing a specialty jersey for one game in 2017. If the Tourists won the 24-game series Greenville would become the “Rednecks” and if Greenville won the series the Tourists would become the “Hippies.”

As the series ended in a 12-12 tie, the Tourists considered this as a loss as they did not have lost a series against the Greenville Drive since 2010, so the Tourists decided to pay off their debt and become the Hippies for one day. Unfortunately, the Greenville Drive didn’t prove themselves such a good sport. But hey, they’re a Boston affiliate…. 😉

“If poking a little fun at ourselves will help raise money for those in need, then I’m all for it,” said Asheville Tourists President Brian DeWine.

The name calling by the Greenville Drive refers to Asheville being a town full of hippies. It doesn’t take long for someone to walk around downtown Asheville and notice just how many hippies are out and about around town. Asheville is known as the old hippie center of the East Coast.


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