Busy days for Rob Manfred

The commissioner of Baseball, Rob Manfred had some busy days in the past week. Not only did he discuss the situation of a possible new ballpark for the Tampa Bay Rays, he also went to Cleveland to announce that the Indians will host the 2019 All Star Game and above all he discussed the use of the Chief Wahoo logo.

Rob Manfred had a talk with St. Petersburg mayor Rick Kriseman as the latter proposed a new St. Petersburg ballpark. In this plan, Tropicana Field would be demolished and the Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Tampa Bay Raysnew ballpark would be constructed at a nearby site.

To this point, Kriseman and other officials have sold the proposal as a way for the Rays to secure a ballpark in an urban environment while taking part in a larger development. It seems that the mayor touched upon those points during his discussion with Manfred.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Kriseman and Manfred also talked for about an hour with Kriseman updating Manfred on the city’s redevelopment plans for the 85-acre Tropicana Field site.

“Manfred, the mayor said, was impressed with the city’s plan, especially as it shares attributes with the Atlanta Braves new stadium, set to open this spring. The advantage for St. Petersburg, Kriseman said, was that the Trop offers an urban setting while the Braves’ new digs are in suburban Cobb County.”

Manfred “reiterated his commitment to the Tampa Bay region,” Kriseman said.

Today, Manfred was in Cleveland to announce the city as the host of the 2019 All-Star Game. Next to this announcement, Manfred was in Cleveland to discuss the use of the Chief Wahoo Logo.

According to Cleveland.com Rob Manfred said: “I’m not going to speculate on what I want the end of the process to be,” Manfred when asked about Chief Wahoo after the All-Star Game announcement. “Paul has been fantastic about engaging. We’ve had a number of Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Cleveland Indiansconversations. I want those conversations to continue and I think we’ll produce a result that will be good for the Indians and good for baseball. But what exactly that is I don’t want to speculate.”

After the talks, Manfred announced the Indians as host of the 2019 All-Star Game.

If some promises about the limited use of the Chief Wahoo logo had to be made in exchange for the right to organize the All-Star Game, wasn’t confirmed by Manfred.



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