Augusta GreeJackets to move to new stadium

In a third and final hearing of the Master Development Agreement about the new ballpark of the August GreenJackets (Single A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants in the South Atlantic League), the city council of North Augusta has agreed to the stadium plans with a 6-1 vote.

With the approval, the new stadium, named project Jackson, will end a polarizing period in North Augusta that even led to a lawsuit by opponents in 2013.

The stadium will be built at the Savannah River riverfront of North Augusta and will be part of a bigger development project that includes an apartment complex behind the left field fence, and a The Ballpark Village that will contain between five to seven restaurants and 70,000 square feet of retail or additional restaurant space.

Despite the green light for the construction, there is no stadium lease agreement between the city and the GreenJackets yet. The council still has to approve the bond ordinance and the stadium license agreement, which likely will happen next week.

So far the only company that has been announced to fill a part of the business space is Crowne Plaza. Other are expected to be announced soon.

Here is a nice artist impression of the ballpark area.


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