New Curacao Neptunus manager tries to clear the air

In an interview with Rotterdam’s local radio and TV station RTV Rijnmond, Ronald Jaarsma, the new manager of Curacao Neptunus, tried to explain why he has become the new manager of the club.

In a move, regarded by many as incomprehensible, Curacao Neptunus from Rotterdam decided to cut ties with manager Evert-Jan ‘t Hoen. Despite the fact that Van ‘t Hoen won several Dutch titles and clinched the European Champions Cup, the board of Neptunus thought that he could not get the best out of the team.

Still, during the playoffs, Neptunus approached Ronald Jaarsma, then third base coach of L&D Amsterdam Pirates. They only wanted to talk with him informally if he did not have a long-term contract. Since L&D Amsterdam Pirates is not working with long-term contracts, Jaarsma could have a chat with the club from Rotterdam.

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Ronald Jaarsma, here still as a third base coach of L&D Amsterdam Pirates (photo:

During the talks, it became clear that Curacao Neptunus wanted to part ways with Van ‘t Hoen and they eyed him (Jaarsma) as the successor. That very same week, Jaarsma should have had preparation talks with L&D Amsterdam Pirates about the upcoming season. Because he was involved in the talks with Neptunus, Jaarsma played it fair and said that another club showed interest in him to become their manager, so that he could not join the talks because he could use the things that were talked about against L&D Amsterdam Pirates.

At that point, L&D Amsterdam Pirates still had no idea that Curacao Neptunus would be the club. That notion became later and because the Holland Series were about to begin, the Amsterdam-based team wasn’t amused. In a certain way, you cannot blame them as Curacao Neptunus would be the opponent in the Holland Series. According to L&D Amsterdam Pirates, Curacao Neptunus had violated an unwritten rule by approaching Jaarsma during the playoffs. But on the other hand, if Curacao Neptunus would have waited until the end of the Holland Series, the club would only have three weeks to acquire a new manager before the transition deadline; a pretty short time to arrange something.

As soon as Jaarsma told L&D Amsterdam Pirates that he was ready for a new challenge with Neptunus, even though nothing was engraved in stone yet, he was called by the chairman of the club, who told him that he was released from his duties, an honorable discharge as they called it. Pirates threatened to send out a press release on how Neptunus had violated the rules, so the Rotterdam-based club had to tell Evert-Jan ‘t Hoen about their plans to keep the damage limited. For Jaarsma it was extra difficult because Evert-Jan ‘t Hoen is also a good friend of his.

Due to the sudden news around this move, the team of Curacao Neptunus made clear that it wasn’t happy with the move. According to Jaarsma in an earlier interview with a Rotterdam newspaper, he was trailing 3-0 already.
Since then he had a couple of talks with the player group and the air has been cleared.
This group will be different than last year. A couple of players hung up it’s spikes (Raily Legito and Kenny van den Branden) and a valuable player like Randolph Oduber decided to try his luck in the United States again (with the Lincoln SaltDogs of the independent American Association, just like catcher Dashenko Ricardo. Jaarsma only got little in return. This year the team will play more aggressive baseball on the basepaths, something the board likes to see.

The club will work more with homegrown talent, not right away but there is a group of youngsters waiting in line. Neptunus wants to have more homegrown players playing in the flagship team to create a better bond between the club, the team and the fanbase.


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