Dutchies in MLB Spring Training

The spring training exhibition games are well underway. How do the players from Aruba, Curacao and the Netherlands perform? Here is an overview of yesterday’s games.

A very short one today. With most MLB players preparing for the World Baseball Classic in Korea now and none of the minor leaguers getting an appearance yesterday, we are limited to only one player:

Kenley Jansen

In the last couple of days, a best defensive plays video released by the WBC, with Kenley in the starring role has gone viral. That was back in 2009 when he still was a catcher in the organization of the Los Angeles Dodgers. In that video, you can see how he used a cannon arm to throw out a base runner. A couple of months later, he would become the closer that we all know him for nowadays.

Anyhow, Kenley made his first spring training appearance for the Dodgers yesterday.
Kenley entered the game in the third inning. But he did not start well as he gave up a triple to Daniel Robertson of the Cleveland Indians. With Erik Gonzalez retired on a ground ball to first base, Kenley served up a pitch that was hit towards shortstop Chris Taylor, who committed a fielding error that allowed Robertson to score. After giving up another single, two outs were recorded; one by throwing out Ronny Rodriguez trying to steal third base and one by striking out Yan Gomes.

Kenley Jansen (photo: encyclopedic.co.uk)

With pitchers still making short outings, the notation of wins, losses and saves is a bit different. Kenley was tabbed with a blown save, even though he just pitched in the third inning.


Of all the players from the Kingdom of the Netherlands who got an invitation for spring training, only Ozhaino Albies did not appear in a game with the Atlanta Braves yet.



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