Another Dutchie signs contract with MLB club

The Astros signed another Dutchie to a 7-year contract. After Stijn van der Meer, Oliver Van der Wijst Severino signed a contract with the team from Houston.

Several MLB organizations have kept an eye on the 19-year old talent for about two years. But Oliver proved that he is a smart kid as he preferred to get a diploma first before thinking about an adventure at the other side of the big pond.


During the MLB European Elite Camp in Regensburg, the Astros approached him for the first time. As he performed so well during this Elite Camp, he was invited to participate in the Arizona Fall Classic with the MLB World Select Team. Once again the Astros were impressed, so they invited him for a tryout in the Dominican Republic. During this ten day stay, Van der Wijst Severino signed a contract. The intention is that he will head to the Dominican Republic to start training.

In 2014, Oliver debuted in the Dutch hoofdklasse with a single for L&D Amsterdam Pirates. In 2015 he jumped ships and joined Corendon Kinheim with whom he returned to the hoofdklasse in 2016. In 27 games, he collected fourteen hits (with three doubles and three triples) with a modest batting average of .173. In the playoffs, Van der Wijst Severino did a lot better as he hit .267 in four games with four hits.

After Kinheim decided to pull back from the hoofdklasse, Oliver transferred to Pioniers from Hoofddorp. But now he will move to the Dominican Republic, he will not play many games for the team, perhaps at the end of the regular season.

Next to the hoofdklasse, Van der Wijst Severino has played for various Dutch national teams. During the last European Championship that the Dutch AAA team, one level below the Dutch seniors, played in Spain, he was the best hitter of the team (.500) and led the tournament in hits (12) and runs scored.
Last year, during the Star Awards of the KNBSB, Oliver received the award for the most promising young player.


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