Future of the World Baseball Classic not so gloomy after all?

In November last year, you could read that the future of the WBC was in doubt.  But with the attendance figures of the first round released recently, the outlook of this top event in the baseball world may not be as gloomy as reported earlier.

In November 2016, Cristian Moreno of ESPN tweeted that the the 2017 edition could be the last one.

According to insiders, the event should make considerable amounts of money to continue.

But on the website of the World Baseball Classic there was a small item that said that the attendance of the first round rose with 34% compared to four years ago. An encouraging development. WBC

But there is more that supports this development.

Former chairman of the KNBSB (Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Federation), Theo Reitsma, who is accompanying the Dutch team for FOX Sports and Fastball Magazine, had a talk with MLB commissioner Rob Manfred. During this chat, Manfred stated that there will be a 2021 edition of the WBC. Hopeful words indeed.

Perhaps it is wishful thinking, but I tend to say that the words of Rob Manfred outweigh a tweet of Cristian Moreno.


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