Dutchies around the world, Asia part 2

Today Roger Bernadina and Wladimir Balentien both played for their respective teams. Bernadina helped the Kia Tigers to win but Wladimir Balentien and his Yakult Swallows did have an off day.

After yesterday’s convincing win, the Yakult Swallows fell to the Yokohama Baystars 6-1 Today.  Wladimir Balentien went 0 for 4 as he hit into a 6-4-3, inning-ending double play Logo of Tokyo Yakult Swallowsin the first inning, hit two 6-4 ground outs and a foul out caught by the second baseman of the Baystars.
The Swallows were outhit 10-4 by the Baystars.

The Kia Tigers blew a 7-0 lead in one inning. After the team had scored two runs in the fourth, four in the seventh and one in the eighth, the Samsung Lions were unleashed and scored seven runs in the bottom of the ninth.
Until the tenth inning, Roger Bernadina went 0 for 5 but in the tenth inning he came through big time. With the bases loaded, Roger singled to center field and drove in Han Seung-taek from second base and Seo Dong-wook from third base for the 9-7 win.
Closer Shim Dong-seop retired the side in the bottom of the tenth for the save.

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