Cashman Field transfers to city

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Today, the Las Vegas City Council approved the transfer of the Cashman Center, the conference center AND Cashman Field, from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) to the city of Las Vegas.

The terms of the transfer include:

• LVCVA will operate and maintain the facilities through Dec. 31, 2017
• Those currently using the space for events will be noticed of intent to renew after Dec. 31, 2017
• After Dec. 31, 2017, LVCVA will only be responsible for equipment necessary for stadium operations and general systems and services for the entire property.

The city of Las Vegas assumes the current 51s lease and cellular site agreements, and the LVCVA will operate and maintain the stadium and parking areas during the term of the 51′s lease.

With this move, the city is moving to complete ownership of the facility. Deputy City Manager Scott Allen stated: “Right now it’s an old, tired convention center and an old, tired baseball stadium,”

However, the timeline of transfer is tied to the Las Vegas 51s’ current lease, which means the area could stay as it is until that lease expires on Dec. 31, 2022

The item on ended with the following somewhat alarming quote: “The city is working to develop the 50.85-acre site”, aiming at the ballpark.

So does this mean that the 51s will be on the move? Could this mean that the ballpark talks in Summerlin are fruitful? Since the latest article on the subject, there hasn’t been any news.

Let’s hope that this transfer doesn’t mean that the 51s will be without a stadium.

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