Child’s game themed game in the American Association

The St. Paul Saints and the Cleburne Railroaders will face each other in a special themed game on August 19. Theme of this game is a game we all played as a kid even though it has a slightly different name in Minnesota than in other regions of the US.

The game which will be in the center of the attention is Duck Duck Goose or Duck Duck Gray Duck like it is called in Minnesota. The object of this game is to walk in a circle, tapping on each player’s head until one is finally chosen and he or she must chase the picker to avoid becoming the next picker. The St. Paul Saints and the Cleburne Railroaders will have a “fight” to decide what is the right name for once and for all.

The Saint Paul Saints will be called the Saint Paul Duck Duck Gray Ducks as they will sport an appropriate gray road jersey (even though they are the home team) and the Cleburne Railroaders will be called the Cleburne Duck Duck Goose.

St. Paul Duck Duck Gray Duck

The idea of naming the teams like this was derived from an April Fools Day “news” item that announced the St. Paul Saints would adopt fifty different monikers during the 2017 season. The idea caught fire in the social media which led to the Saints asking their fans which of the alternate names they would prefer. The Saints’ staff cut the list of fifty names and picked five of them. Of those five, St. Paul Duck, Duck Gray Ducks, St. Paul Holy Buckets, Minnesota Nice, St. Paul Guttural Uff Da’s and Minnesota Cabin Goers, the name Duck Duck Gray Ducks won by a landslide.

After fans made the suggestion, the Saints decided to ask the Railroaders if they would change their name to the “Duck, Duck Goose” for a night and a one game rivalry was born.  After the game, the two teams will battle it out in an actual game of Duck, Duck Gray Duck (as they are playing in Minnesota so Duck Goose will not be allowed).

Of course, the themed jerseys will be auctioned for charity after the game. Fans can buy themed T-shirts with the names of the five finalists as well.


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