Dutch Baseball Federation seems to learn from ELB

After blocking the participation of Dutch clubs and players in the Euro League Baseball, the Dutch Baseball Federation (KNBSB) now appears to have learned from the ideas of the alternate European baseball league.

In the past two years, the KNBSB and the CEB (European Baseball Confederation) have made the life of the Euro League Baseball nearly impossible. At one point it appeared that the Dutch Federation was willing to allow players of L&D Amsterdam Pirates to participate in the league under the name of Amsterdam Baseball (without the players who participated in the Dutch national team), but thanks to a move by former CEB chairman Jan Esselman, who allegedly adapted an eligibility rule singlehandedly, the KNBSB, turned down the permission.

The Euro League Baseball’s vision is to have a lot of entertainment around games, both on field (between the innings) and off field. Next to the entertainment, there should be stands with merchandise.

Now it seems that the KNBSB has adopted that point of view. In an online survey, the Federation is asking Dutch baseball fans what they like about games and what they would like to see added. The Federation also posted some hypothetical questions about giveaways, promotions, mascots, cheerleaders and streaming of the games. All of these options are the spearheads of the ELB.  Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Euro League baseball

Perhaps the KNBSB also has looked to Dutch hoofdklasse club De Glaskoning Twins. In the past season, the club organized several themed days around home games played on Sunday. For example a Mother’s Day theme, a Tesla theme and a Japan theme. Every home game, a mascot is entertaining the crowd. It sure is a way to attract people to the games. With these promotions, there will be more people in the stands than without.

Of course, the KNBSB will have to evaluate the answers it will get, but the topics of this survey are pointing into the right direction. At times, I am not really positive about the KNBSB, but in this case, I just have to give them a pat on the back.


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