Haarlem Baseball Week likely to rise from its ashes

The local newspaper “Haarlems Daglbad” made the announcement about a return of the Haarlem Baseball Week. According to the newspaper, the city of Haarlem is willing to support the event for the 2018 edition.

After the 28th edition of the bi-annual event, the organization committee pulled the plug due to financial difficulties. The organization had not been able to find new sponsors to support the event.

After the announcement, the 28th edition was the last one, a group of people started to gather to see if they could revive the baseball event for at least three editions. Now the city of Haarlem has announced it is willing to give a financial ejection, it really starts to look like the event will return on the Dutch baseball calendar. Before the 28th edition, the organization changed the name of the event into Baseball Week Haarlem and changed the logo in an attempt to attract more fans.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor haarlemse honkbalweek
    Old Logo

According to the newspaper, the city is willing to donate € 80,000 (2x €40,000) next to the €20,000 the city recently donated to the event. So in total, the support will be for an amount of €120,000. According to alderman Merijn Snoek, this support will be a one-time thing. The Haarlem Baseball Week should be able to support itself. There is one but… The city council of Haarlem has to approve the support. Snoek would regret it very much if the event would cease to exist for good.

Next week, the organizational committee will start a crowdfunding. During this year’s summer, a decision will be made about the continuation of the event.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor haarlemse honkbalweek
New Logo

Since the second edition, the Haarlem Baseball Week is played in the world renowned (at least in the Netherlands) Pim Mulier baseball stadium. Through the decades, several big leaguers have participated in the Haarlem Baseball Week. Dave Winfield participated in 1972 with the Alaska Goldpanners. Other MLB players who played in the Haarlem Baseball Week were Mark Prior, Jose Contreras, Matt Stairs and Bobby Crosby.




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