Gwinnett Braves to change name

It was rumored for a while, but now it is official. The Gwinnett Braves will adopt a new moniker in 2018. This news was announced by the

The Gwinnett Braves are the AAA affiliate of the Atlanta Braves in the International League. Like most of the other farm teams, the Gwinnett affiliation is sporting the same name as the parent club. This is possible as the Braves own most of their farm teams. By naming their farm teams after themselves, the Braves want to promote their brand throughout the Southeast.
“When the AAA Braves moved from Richmond to Gwinnett, nine years ago, it was important to keep the name Braves so people understood who we were”, says GM North Johnson.

But with attendance figures staying behind, the club has been mulling for a while to change the name. In an attempt to give the attendance a boost, the club has decided to have a name-the-team contest which will start today and end on June 2 and can be found at the team’s website. The parent club has given the green light for the operation.

Not only the attendance figures were the reason for a name change. Since Gwinnett is a suburb of Atlanta, people mixed up both clubs. People who bought a ticket for a fireworks show in Gwinnett, showed up in Atlanta, finding out they were at the wrong location.

The Braves (the AAA edition that is) have partnered with a well-known designing company: Brandiose. Brandiose will have the lead in the renaming, rebranding and other tasks involved in the project.

A committee will scale down the entries of the name-the-team contest to eight. These Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Gwinnett Bravesselections will be shown on the team’s website and the fans can vote for the best name. The winner will receive a pair of seasons tickets for the 2018 season,. The four runners-up will win merchandise with the new name and logo.

The AAA Braves are looking for a name which can be linked to the area. Most minor league clubs sport a name like that and it makes sure there is a good link between the club and the fans.

No matter the outcome of the name-the-team contest, we will keep you updated.


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