Interview with Melvin Perdue

Normally I don’t post my articles I write for the website of  Dutch hoofdklasse club De Glaskoning Twins on this blog, but in this case, it is about an American player who is playing there. By posting it in English, he will be able to read it too. This article is about a player who is playing with De Glaskoning Twins for the first season, but who has spent several years on the Dutch baseball diamonds: Melvin Perdue

Melvin is the only child from a family that practiced several sports. His father used to play football (the US version) and practiced track and field. His mother is a former Image may contain: one or more people, people playing sports, baseball and outdoorsoftball player, who dragged Melvin to the diamonds. So thanks to his mom, Melvin was introduced to our beautiful game of baseball. At the age of five, Melvin and his mom left California and after a couple of stations in between they ended up in Georgia, where Melvin ended up studying at Saint Anselm University, a NCAA division II university. Melvin got a Bachelor‘s degree in Criminal Justice and an Advanced Certificate in Forensic Science. For the Saint Anselm Hawks, Melvin was a utility player. After he got his degree, Melvin signed his first professional contract with the Laredo Broncos of the now defunct independent United League.

Since Melvin can play at various positions, we asked which position is his favorite. Melvin answered by telling that it used to be shortstop, but nowadays he loves to play center field.

The first club outside the USA, Melvin played for was De Vos Cardinals from Oss in the Netherlands.
This team managed to win the championship of their league and were promoted to the Dutch “eerste klasse”, two divisions below the Dutch top league, called the hoofdklasse. So in 2011, Melvin headed to Oss and played for the Cardinals through the 2014 season. In 2015 Melvin moved to Austria to play in the top league’s Attnang-Puchheim Athletics. But after playing four years in the Netherlands, Melvin still had the wish to play in the Dutch hoofdklasse. That wish was granted when DSS from Haarlem had an open roster spot and invited him to play for them. Melvin had a good season with DSS and finished it with a decent .286 batting average. But Melvin stated that he tried too much to help the team and started to swing at bad pitches, resulting in a batting average below .300.

In 2011 Melvin could be seen on the silver screen as well as he had a small part in the movie Moneyball in which he played the role Ray Durham.

Because Melvin did not know yet where to play in 2016, he moved to Australia to play over there. He had several options from other European countries, another indy club in the USA and the option to play in the Dutch hoofdklasse. During his stay in Australia, Melvin played for one of the teams in the top league of the city of Perth.

Since Melvin is living in the province of Noord-Brabant, he is working for the Bixie baseball academy in Eindhoven. Next to this, he is also training youth players of De Vos Cardinals, his former Dutch club.

Next to playing for De Glaskoning Twins, Melvin plays for a team named the International Stars. Fans who follow the Dutch national baseball team closely, will know this name. As a preparation for the previous two European Championships, a tournament name Yoshida Challenge or France International Baseball Tournament was played in 2014 and 2016 in Sénart in France. The International Stars were one of the participants next to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The current head coach/manager of Dutch hoofdklasse club Pickles UVV, Ty Eriksen is an assistant coach for the International stars as well.

Because Melvin has played baseball in several countries, you can literally say that he is a journeyman.

We like to thank Melvin for the time he has spent to answer our questions and we wish him good luck for the 2017 season.

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